Switzerland - photo index

Salzburg - Schloss Mirabel in the Austrian city of Salzburg known from the movie Sound Of Music. In the movie the children are dancing around the fountain, but we were by far too old for such extravagant behavior :-)
Salzburg - The old part of Salzburg reminded of the past grandeur of the Austrian empire.
Salzburg - At the distinguished hotel Sacher (with branches not only in Vienna but also Salzburg) we had the famous Sacher-cake.
Salzburg - The dormitory at the youth hostel we stayed at.
Hohenwerfen - Quite a distance from Salzburg is the castle Hohenwerfen, as if thrown up onto the top of a mountain, like in the fairy tales. The walk up there offered an impressive view.
Hohenwerfen - One could hardly be mistaken that the castle was situated in Austria :-)
Hohenwerfen - An exhibition of trained falcons was a great event, combined with the majestic view of the landscape.
Salzburg - A bit outside the city was an old abandoned salt mine that we visited. Nowadays being rebuilt for tourist purposes it offered rides with both mine-train and such slides as in the picture. The slides were long and deep and fast. And scary!