Germany 2003 - photo index

Overview - Under fem månader våren 2003 flyttade jag till den sydtyska staden Freiburg för att plugga språk på Goethe institutet där. Det blev fem vansinnigt roliga månader med tyskt gemyt och trevliga bekantskaper. Och ett besök på EU-parlamentet i Strasbourg - bara en sån sak.
Goethe-Institut Freiburg - Class photo, March.
Goethe-Institut Freiburg - Class photo, Mai.

Freiburg - View of the city.
Freiburg - The school house in central Freiburg, surrounded by a nice green garden. Only a five-minute walk from Gästehaus.
Freiburg - A view of the "Gästehaus", the dormitory that belonged to the school.
Strasbourg - One day in March the school arranged a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the French border to Germany.
Strasbourg - The European Parliamentet.
Strasbourg - Group photo from inside of the cylinder at the parliament.
Freiburg - I will always remember the relaxed atmosphere in Freiburg and all good friends I came to know.
Freiburg - The marketplace at the Münster (cathedral).
Heidelberg - The school arranged an excursion to the legendary city of Heidelberg one day.
Heidelberg - Group photo with the Heidelberg castle in the background.
Freiburg - A visit to a nearby winery, accompanied by abundant quantities of wine for tasting.
Freiburg - In the morning on the last day of the course the class met on café to have breakfast together. Nice!
Freiburg - A class photo from the last day.
Freiburg - Tarot cards on the balcony a warm summer evening.
Freiburg - A farewell party. They came far too often as time passed by..
Himmelreich - Heaven on earth is obviously found in Schwarzwald..
Freiburg - Farewell party.
Freiburg - The farewell party the night before I went back to Sweden. I will never forget the kindness shown!