I have a Masters degree in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering from Linköping Institute of Technology in Sweden. Apart from my engineering studies I have also taken psychology courses at Linköping University for one semester.

I wrote my Final Thesis at the end of the masters studies on behalf of the software engineering company Ida Infront (former known as Ida Systems) in Linköping. The report was written in English and carries the title "Security in Distributed Java Applications Based on Enterprise JavaBeans". In the report I evaluate from a theoretical as well as practical perspective available security mechanisms for the large-scale distributed Java-based system the company develops. The report is available for download in PDF format:
    Final Thesis (676 KB) 

The following is a list of courses I took at the university and the institute of technology, to give an appreciation of my study focus:

Mathematics courses
Linear Algebra
Probability, first course
Statistics, first course
Numerical Algorithms
Combinatorial Optimization, introductory course
Discrete mathematics and Logic
Courses in Computer Sciences
Ada and Programming Languages
Artificial Intelligence
Data Structures and Algorithms
Construction and Analysis of Algorithms
Compiler Construction
Formal Languages and Automata Theory
Advanced Programming and Interactivity on the WWW
Intr Computer Science and Computer Equipment
Concurrent Programming and Operating Systems
Object-Oriented Development of Usable Systems
Database Technology
Software Engineering Project from a Wide Perspective
Programming in Incremental Systems
Computer Networks
Computer Graphics
Final Thesis (676 KB) 
Physics courses
Modern Physics
Engineering Mechanics
Humanities courses
Swedish for Science and Technology
Philosophy of Science
Psychology (Introduction, Group and Social Psychology, Cognition, Developmental Psychology)
Courses in Electronics Engineering
Basic Electronics and Measurement Technology
Circuit Theory
Digital Project Laboratory
Microcomputer Project Laboratory
Switching Theory and Logical Design
Computer Hardware and Architecture
Introduction in Matlab
Automatic Control
Signal Theory

Finally I have taken intensive German language courses for four months at the Goethe-Institute in the city of Freiburg in southern Germany. I have the language certificate Zertifikat Deutsch.