Ireland and Scotland - photo index

Dublin - Rainy Dublin. During our four days in the city it rained literally every day. But it was surprisingly warm.
Dublin - Me, rain and an old church.
Dublin - Famous Trinity College offered many majestic buildings from past centuries. I myself liked the new wing better, with its straight lines.
Glasgow - In Glasgow we stumbled upon the worlds highest cinema, twelve stories high! The panorama view from the neon illuminated escalators were thrilling. Unfortunately the photo went blurred.
Glasgow - An interesting building in the outskirts of Glasgow.
Oban - From Glasgow we went on to the coastal city of Oban, where we stayed one night. It was nice to walk around the city, but I think it is more of a tourist magnet in the summer. I caught a bad cold standing outside for an hour in the cold cold weather one early morning waiting for a delayed bus to the Scottish highlands and Loch Ness.
Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle in the center of the city.
Edinburgh - View of the city with Prince's Avenue in the foreground. Very nice city indeed, but I was freezing all the time.